Cognitive Solutions LLC Introduces APPLAWD

Cognitive Solutions LLC has introduced APPLAWD: Action Planning with and for Persons Living Alone with Dementia, a four-session learning and planning exercise guided by content matter experts and facilitators with a track record of leading processes that create engagement and action.

More than 1 million people with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia live alone. APPLAWD is the next logical step for community agencies that have identified the issue of persons living alone with dementia as an area of focus, allowing them to take leadership and move toward solutions that will improve the lives of these individuals.

The program includes the following components:

Session 1

  • Lead agency begins mapping the community and its unique assets as well as challenges, and then the team will plan to convene an initial stakeholder meeting.
  • Assistance is provided in identifying invitees and with boilerplate invitation materials and an online registration service—with a special focus on recruiting persons living with dementia.

Session 2

  • Stakeholders meet to create a collaborative care map for persons living alone with dementia in the early and then later stages of the disease.
  • Stakeholders identify care and support models that might fit in the community, drawing from our knowledge base and in-place community service models.

Session 3

  • This session involves action planning and identifying long-term goals and initial steps in a strategy that is developed with transparency and a consensus approach.

Session 4

  • Public is involved in a part-launch/part-celebration event; includes a convening of additional stakeholders beyond the initial core group to inform and energize the broader community.


  • APPLAWD facilitators remain available by conference call for check-in meetings on the strategy for the next eight months.

Contact us at the link below to learn how to schedule an APPLAWD program in your community.

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